Unit 9 - Evolution

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 ·         I can illustrate that the change in the genetic makeup of a population over time is evolution. 
 ·         I can provide examples and causes of populations of organisms that continue to evolve over time. 
 I can use Hardy-Weinberg relationships to illustrate population dynamics. 
 ·         I can outline the historical context in which Darwin and Wallace proposed evolution. 
 ·         I can provide justification that natural selection is a major mechanism of evolution. 
 ·         I can provide examples of organisms share many conserved core processes and features that evolved and are widely distributed among organisms today. 
 I can develop the link between mutation and evolution. 
 ·         I can provide examples of speciation and extinction have occurred throughout the Earth’s history. 
 ·         I can draw phylogenetic trees and/or a cladograms as a graphical representation (model) of evolutionary history. 
 I can identify, describe and provide examples of types of speciation. 
 I can interpret the different theories of the origin of life on Earth and describe the biochemistry necessary to make them valid theories. 
 ·         I can conceptualize the relative times in which various events of early Earth occurred. 
 I can illustrate a timeline of important events in the history of life on Earth. 
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